6/8/12 Stages Conventional APFC Relay with Auto C/K mode : CSPF-100


  • Effective PF Control. Up to 12* capacitor banks controllable
  • Seven segment display for user interface
  • Auto / Manual Operation
  • Wide range of measuring voltage Input
  • Measurement & Display of line parameters like V, I, P, Q, S, Cos Ø
  • Indication of active Capacitor Bank through LEDs
  • Wide range of Programmable parameter including CT ratio, Target
  • Cos Ø value, C/K Ratio, Capacitor Bank switching program, control algorithm etc.
  • Suitable for various wiring scheme
  • Protection & Indication on abnormal condition such as Over /
  • Under Compensation, Over Voltage, Over/Under Current etc.
  • Optional FAN control output based on temperature sensing
  • Field accessible test mode for relay contact check
  • Automatic C/K set-up mode
  • Potential Free Alarm contact on abnormal conditions

CSPF-100, Power Factor Controller is designed for Automatic / Manual control of external Capacitor Banks in 3 Phase 4 Wire or 3 Phase 3 Wire & Single Phase LT distribution systems to allow the power factor of the installation to be stabilized to the desired value. The controller employs the state of the art micro-controller design for measurement & visualization of various system parameters.


In all in-comers of an Electrical Plant

  • Fixed power factor correction for individual load (e.g: Motor, Transformer etc.)
  • Hi-tech Software Parks, Buildings and Shopping Malls
  • Fully automatic compensation
  • Saving in installation cost of conductors
  • Reduced electric utility Bills & Increased System Capacity
  • Reduction of Power Losses