D-Range Contactors

Conforms to IS/IEC60947-4-1


  • Ratingcontactor : 9A~80A,
  • Rating: overload relay :  0.1~66A
  • Poles: 3 Pole, AC


  • Modular design for flexibility in cost effective solutions
  • Saves inventory cost-common add-on accessories
  • High mechanical and electrical life

D-Range contactor has been engineered for superior performance under Hazardous Indian tropical conditions, conforming to IS/IEC 60947-4-1, IS/IEC 60947-1.It’s sturdy proven construction with heavy duty silver alloy contacts, H class enamelled copper wire’s coil to withstand wide voltage fluctuations delivers long life.

  • Affords extremely easy maintenance
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Contactor maintenance requires low down time
  • Contactor is ideally suitable for standalone applications such as welding, compressor & pump control etc