Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Conforms to IEC 60309 series


  • 3 Pin 16A, 32A & 63A, 240V AC IP44 & 67 versions
  • 5 Pin 16A, 32A, 63A & 125A, 415V AC IP44 & 67 versions
  • 3, 5 Pin 16A & 32A, 240/415V AC interlocked sockets IP44 & 67 versions
  • AC distribution box with socket 16A, 32A & 63A IP40 versions


  • Color codes for different voltage frequencies of plugs & sockets
  • Secure & reliable
  • High grade thermoplastic material

C&S industrial plugs and sockets are safe, reliable and durable. The IPS range is designed to meet individual application needs. C&S Plug & Sockets are designed to have main dimension applicable for same rating, nominal voltage, frequency and number poles so as to have compatibility to interchange with different make. The product range is available from 16A to 63A up to IP67 rating.

  • Reliability, Safety and Durability
  • High Impact- resistant
  • Long Life
  • Easy to install